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The AdTech Twins: AdTech’s mission is to be the enabler - yet nobody wants to pay for it!

Monday, June 29th
3:00 - 4:00 PM CET
Aside from the Corona pandemic's influence on every aspect of business life, it is time to take a step back and look at one of the most fundamental developments in the industry in recent years: the continuing shift towards programmatic and the importance of ad technology.

GDPR and other privacy regulations are taking their toll. Is the concept of user centric targeting outside of walled gardens about to die? What will happen once Google Chrome joins the camp of browsers to prohibit the use of 3rd party cookies?

Albeit heavily discussed, are these actually the ultimate questions? Or are these just the challenges ad technology is supposed to solve while we miss to discuss the real questions and AdTech’s role in it: How can we create more transparency within the whole ecosystem? How can we fight fraud effectively? How can we minimize losses along the value chain? AdTech is the enabler to executing around these issues. But did AdTech really help or did it actually effect it to the worse over the last decade? Is AdTech enabling the right business models? When and how did AdTeche lose the path of playing it’s natural role?

  • Kay Schneider - Senior VP at ShowHeroes
  • Jörg Schneider - Global Head of Sales & Supply at JustPremium

  • Ilhan Zengin - CEO of ShowHeroes

About Showheroes
ShowHeroes is Europe’s leading, independent provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. Its proprietary video platform consists of a library of thousands of unique video content clips, efficient video asset and playlist management, a sleek and modern video player, as well as cutting edge video advertising technology and in-depth reporting tools for both – publishers and advertisers. The center of this ecosystem is the ShowHeroes semantic matching engine: It ensures a smooth video experience by delivering matching video content and ads across all connected sites and apps. Launched in May 2016 in Berlin by Ilhan Zengin, Dennis Kirschner and Mario Tiedemann, ShowHeroes has a continent-wide presence with offices in more than 10 cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Riga, Düsseldorf, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris. The company has 100 employees and its videos make more than a billion impressions per month.