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With the end of 3rd party cookie, how Media Publishers should refine their strategy and adapt their tech stack?

Tuesday, June 30th
2:00 - 3:00 PM CET
Is it the end of data monetization? How should Media Publishers prepare for the “cookieless world”? What strategy should Publishers adopt to get to know their audience better, incentivize user login & promote new ways of targeting?
Media Publishers must address these topics right now in be on the front foot. Publishers need to rethink their technology stack in order to take advantage of the last few months with third party cookies and make the most of logged in users data.
Mediarithmics’ experts and customers will share their vision on the impact of Google’s announcement, how Mediarithmics’ data-marketing platform helps preparing for this shift, and also discuss business & technical opportunities for the market.

  • Grégoire Fremiot - CRO of Mediarithmics
  • Fabien Magalon - Managing Director at Alliance Gravity Data Media
  • Emeric Trossat - Head of Data at Webedia

  • Phil Raby - Advisor
About Mediarithmics
Mediarithmics offers an open and integrated data marketing infrastructure, covering all DMP and CDP uses. The platform can also be used to create Data Alliances, guaranteeing the security of data between partners whilst complying with current and future regulations. Our technology enables the collection of every customer and prospect’s data without compression, allowing segmentation and activation of multi-channel campaigns in real-time. Mediarithmics’ clients can add their own algorithms to personalise the platforms strategic points, whether it be on 360° marketing personalisation or Data monetisation use cases.